The Natural Gas Forums

Back in 2007, Pennsylvania and New York were invaded by landmen trying to acquire as much acreage as possible for natural gas drilling.

Natural Gas was priced at over $14mcf and lease offers ranged from $25 an acre bonus and 12.5% royalty offers. By 2008 bonus offers climbed to up to $6000 an acre (for savvy landowners) and well over 20% royalty shares were sometimes negotiated.

Then, in 2008, the Delaware River Basin Commission claimed authority to regulate natural gas drilling in the entire watershed feeding the Delaware River, promising regulations to be drafted for natural gas drilling. Those regulations were never approved and since then, the DRBC has proposed a permanent ban on the process of fracking. Most of the signed leases have been released by the drilling companies resulting in millions of dollars of lost investment to the companies AND billions of dollars lost by landowners who were leased but have now been denied the lawful use of their mineral estate.

At nearly the same time New York's Governor Cuomo instituted a ban on fracking as well. All based on the fears promoted by religious environmental groups targeting the use of fossil fuels for our energy needs.

More recently natural gas prices have dropped to record lows resulting in prices that at best are a break even profit margin for natural gas drillers. Leasing is at an all time low and the resulting lease offers hardly make leasing at this point desirable for landowners.

Since the Forums were designed to keep landowners abreast of natural gas leasing issues and since leasing is next to non-existant at this time, the site being updated to reflect the current trends.

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