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Susquehanna County PA Natural Gas Well Journal for Forum Member - Sandal

On April 30th, 2009 we sat down at the kitchen table of Sandal and his wife. Like most of us, they are a hard working family with property overlooking pastoral scenes in almost every direction. They were approached in 2006 to lease their land for natural gas exploration.

They eventually leased with Cabot, which has two horizontal wells operating off a single pad on their approximately 28 acres. As of this date, this is the smallest piece of property in Susquehanna County, PA with a Marcellus Shale, natural gas well located on it.

The following recordings are their story in their own words.

We request that any questions you may have be directed to the forum, where Sandal or others with experiences to share can answer your questions.

Note: We split the interview to make the download times faster.
Track 1 Loading - Introduction - How it all began for us. View Sandal's Picture Gallery
Track 2 Loading - Location - Establishing the location of the Cabot natural gas well pad.
Track 3 Loading - Pad Preparation - Excavating and preparing the land for natural gas drilling. The drilling equipment arrives. Testing the domestic water prior to drilling.
Track 4 Loading - The Drilling Operation - Setting up to frac the gas wells. Tying wells into the gas lines. Wells operating at very high pressures.
Track 5 Loading - Unitization / Well division orders - Discussion of unitization and changes in well division orders. Relationship with Township regarding heavy equipment traffic. Beginning of the landowner's view of the drilling operation.
Track 6 Loading - Effect Of Drilling - Landowner's comments on how the drilling operation affected their own lives.
Track 7 Loading - Clean and Green Issues - County assesses landowner for complete rollback and penalties for change of use from agricultural to business use. A caution from the landowner to other landowners considering leasing while under Clean and Green.
Track 8 Loading - Clean & Green Continued. - Conclusion of Clean and Green discussion. Discussion of fraccing fluid handling at the site. Discussion about "What would you do differently?".