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Natural Gas Articles & Editorials

Fracing (Hydraulic Fracking)

We Don't Use Fracked Gas

Ron Stamets | 2013-06-10 22:57:26
I stumbled upon a forum thread that described a conversation about natural gas production. The dialogue took place between one of our members and a relative, residing in one of the Mid-Atlantic states... Read More

Fuzzy Science or Misrepresention... You Decide

Ron Stamets | 2009-09-19 20:57:20
Having searched all over the internet for documentation regarding the claims by environmentalists that "The tests conducted by the EPA are old and inadequate" I am unable to come up with a single instance of DOCUMEN... Read More

Landowner Rights

A Clarion Call To Landowners

Ron Stamets | 2009-11-02 20:30:13
When I first started the Natural Gas Forum, the mission was to help landowners network information about how to negotiate a more beneficial lease with a company who was interested in leasing land for natural gas leasing and ... Read More

Lease Negotiation

Natural Gas Leasing - The emotional roller coaster ride

Ron Stamets | 2010-09-11 02:17:31
There are few issues that can generate greater emotional, gut-level reactions than money and one's personal property. The issues surrounding energy exploration and production embody both. What is even more... Read More

Understand What You Are Signing

Ron Stamets | 2008-04-02 20:09:21
So... The landman has plopped down a natural gas lease agreement on the table and is offering you more money per acre than you paid for the farm itself! What to do? Start acquiring information about what it is that he/she ... Read More



Ron Stamets | 2013-04-06 00:47:31
What is being foisted as green, sustainable energy, on the American public, is no less disingenuous than the 1800's huckster peddling Dr. Feelgoods Magic Elixer. There isn't a single large scale energy system that i... Read More

ROW (Natural Gas Right of Ways & Pipelines)

Pipelines: Direct and Indirect Damages

Robert D. Congdon Jr., MAI, SRA | 2012-08-14 22:27:19
All landowners know that gathering and pipelines are necessary to bring natural gas to market. Many old leases allow the gas companies free reign as to when and where these lines are placed. Newer documents require some... Read More

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