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We Don't Use Fracked Gas
Author: Ron Stamets

I stumbled upon a forum thread that described a conversation about natural gas production. The dialogue took place between one of our members and a relative, residing in the densly populated area of one of the Mid-Atlantic states.

Fracking a wellThe encounter was described as: "I have a distant relative who is extremely anti NG drilling but heats and cooks and showers due to NG. I gently made this point to this relative recently and his response was that they don't use fracked gas."

Just for the record.... Whether natural gas is released by fracking or separated as a by-product of oil extraction (often also fracked), it is initially transported through a network of pipelines where it is combined with natural gas from other wells and sent on to a main transmission line, such as the "Tennessee Pipeline".

The sole purpose of these major natural gas transmission pipelines is to transport the natural gas to the LARGE CITIES to fulfil the EVER INCREASING DEMAND by customers who use the natural gas to bring good things to life. No differentiation is made by the pipelines whether the gas came from a fracked well or not.

Ignorant statements such as the "We don't use fracked gas" remark might easily be allowed to pass by, if it weren't for the fact that "fracked gas" was brought up by the forum member's relative, and there was obviously a strong opinion that fracked gas is something BAD.

I have witnessed people experience an emotional melt down when natural gas drilling is discussed, yet they cannot cite a single confirmed documented instance of environmental, or health damage caused by the fracking process.

I listened to a talk radio program one morning where a nurse called in to tell how she has followed natural gas drilling for over 5 years and that fracking has been an environmental disaster. The moderator asked her for ONE specific instance of the damage she was referring to. She could not.

The moderator went on to ask: "If Governor Cuomo finds that science proves that natural gas drilling can be safely conducted, will you accept that?". Her answer: "No, because he hasn't followed the science". I still can't wrap my head around that one, other than concluding that if science doesn't corroborate her wishes, it isn't science.

Ignorance, or avoidance about natural gas drilling facts are not limited to the average person, Politicians, who fear negative career consequences do tend to shy away from "making waves" with political maneuvers to avoid alienating a powerful voting block.. Take a look at the statement that Governor Cuomo of NY made to a NY Magazine interviewer.

I don't know," Cuomo says. "A well may end up being poisoned a year from now — and then what? A child falls into a well casing, or there's an explosion. I don't want the liability, frankly, and I don't have the knowledge. There's no politics for me one way or the other. It's literally 50-50..."

Although a natural gas well is quite deep, the well casing has about a 6" diameter. A tongue-in-cheek comment to Cuomo's statement was made that: "In order for anyone to fall into one of these, they would have to first be run through a shredder". New York State regulators have spent more time on establishing basic regulations than it took to win WWII. Worse yet, the Governor still hasn't a clue about the rudiments of natural gas production.

From 2008 to 2011, as gas drilling activity surged, total wages paid rose by 28 percent. In the Southern Tier counties, wages were stagnant.

In 2012, Bradford County government received $8.4 million in tax revenue from gas production, enabling a 5.9 percent cut in 2013 property taxes and a 4.5 percent pay raise for county employees.... Friends of Natgas NY

These benefits are as a result of natural gas production in Susquehanna and Bradford counties in PA, right across the border of New York State. Instead, Governor Cuomo's plan is to fix the state's financial plight with upstate casinos and yogurt production, and drag out any decision about natural gas production until it can't damage his chances for political advancement.

Makes perfect sense to me. Demand more natural gas to heat your homes, cook your food, and provide more electricity and at the same time, spend millions of $$$ to block any effort to produce the very same product you demand more of.

Here is my question for those of you who are hell bent on blocking all natural gas production. Do you have a spirit of DUMB? Why are you consuming natural gas in ever greater volumes?

Natural gas is governed by the laws of supply and demand. If you switched to electric heaters, stoves and made your local busses, taxis, and delivery trucks run on electric, you would lower the price of natural gas to the point where it was no longer economically feasible to produce natural gas, or any other fossil fuel. But then, I forget. Your electric would have to be generated by nuclear, hydro, solar, or wind.(Coal and Oil are out of the question). Frankly, out here in the country, we prefer the deer grazing on our reclaimed natural gas fields to unsightly wind farms with dismembered hawks and eagles scattered about their base.

If you are really serious about truth and facts, you might want to hold off on formulating your opinion about natural gas drilling until you have some proven facts under your belt. Forum members have been around for quite some time now and many of them have been through the drilling/fracking process and can give you first hand information about their drilling experiences, both good and bad. They do have a horse in this race. The responsible stewardship of their land, and the well being of those who will some day inherit it.

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