Landowner Rights Denied By Moratorium      ( NY: 11 Years, 8 Months | DRBC: 10 Years, 10 Months )   UPPER DELAWARE RIVER BASIN CITIZENS

A Clarion Call To Landowners
Author: Ron Stamets

When I first started the Natural Gas Forum, it's mission was to help landowners network information about how to negotiate a more beneficial lease with a company who was interested in leasing land for natural gas leasing and production.

Little did I know that within only a short period of time that not only did landowners need to join together to protect themselves from unscrupulous land acquisition companies, it would be our own politicians and eviro power brokers who we would be facing as an even greater threat to our rights as landowners.

The opportunity for landowners to lease land for natural gas production has revealed what many landowners are now realizing as the greatest threat to private land ownership rights in the history of our country. If private landowners do not stand together RIGHT NOW and demonstrate their resolve to retain their constitutionally given rights, they will be lost in a quagmire of legal and judicial regulations that will make ownership of private acreage more of a liability than an asset.

On the surface, the battle appears to be between those who have leased their land to extract natural gas and those who oppose domestic drilling for natural gas. When one looks just a little further it is only the tip of the iceberg of controls that proponents of big government want to exercise over your constitutional rights to the ownership of your land.

WATERSHED / AIRSHED / VIEWSHED - Trust me, you are going to see and hear more and more about these terms. These are the hot button terms that will be used to CONTROL and SEPARATE you from your rights to your own land. Regulations about IF you can build a structure on your land, Regulations about IF you can build or improve a road to service your hayfields, Regulations on IF you can cut a tree on your own property..... Regulations, Regulations, Regulations..... All with the end intent to make ownership of private acreage untenable for land previously passed on from generation to generation.

I recently attended a meeting of landowners. During the introductions, I was struck by the testimony of two individuals. One individual was born in China and experienced the communist takeover. The other was born in Germany and also experienced the Communist takeover there after WW2. Their testimonies were strikingly similar, and their assessment of the attitude of landowners in America are frighteningly foreboding. What they see happening to the rights of private landowners RIGHT NOW in America is following the same pattern as to what they experienced in their home countries. American landowners have become so busy trying to make ends meet they are failing to recognize and oppose what is happening to them.

Politicians are being coddled, threatened, and financially rewarded by those who want you to pay taxes on your land without you having any control over how you benefit by the use of it. Unless YOU PERSONALLY take the responsibility for your own land and lock arms together with your neighbors to fight against this confiscation of your right to use your land, it will be gone and all you will have left to do is complain on these forums.... If they still exist.

This taking of landowner rights isn't just about Gas Leasing, or Hydrofracking. This is the pure and simple tactic of using an issue and creating emotional headlines to take your private landowner rights away. Not only is natural gas production being targeted, but also installations of the "green" energy sources that the opponents of natural gas drilling claim to espouse.

The battle is about private land ownership. It is against landowners who often work two or three jobs just to hang on to their land. Landowners who usually hold their personal hardships and privacy in the utmost regard. The opposing forces are depending on you following your usual patterns of life. They are depending on you keeping to yourself and keeping a tight lip about what you believe or feel about how you are being treated. They are depending on you doing NOTHING and ASSUMING that someone else will fight the fight for you.

Take heed. The battles are being fought right now and the rights that you have regarding the ownership of your land hang in the balance. Either join and lock arms together with others who are fighting for the very life of private land ownership, or bear the consequences of your own inaction. It's your choice, and a choice that you need to make right now if you hope to retain any control over your own property.

Watch carefully for events and meetings that address issues affecting your land and become a proactive participant to protect your constitutional rights. Your message must be clear and simple. "I am the legal owner of my own land. I pay the taxes and I am one of the people who elected you to protect our rights. We are the silent majority who refuse to be silent any longer.