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About The Natural Gas Forums

It was a normal, everyday evening in the fall of 2007. My wife and I had just finished a quiet dinner and were relaxing when a knock at the door announced the arrival of what would soon be called "The Gasicane".

Now, we had been contacted over the past 30 years to lease for minerals and gas, but this time was different. Instead of the usual $10 or $15 an acre offer, the landman was offering $500 an acre. That set up some red flags, because in order for offers to jump that much, he had to know something that we did not. Worse yet, I really couldn't find anything on the web to help us to understand what was going on.

Since my profession is developing websites for clients, I decided to "throw up" a quick discussion board for my neighbors and I (Who live in widely diverse locations during the winter), to gather information and share it in a central location.

I had no idea that there were 10's of thousands of people who were experiencing the same need to acquire information about natural gas leasing, in order to be able to make wise decisions.

As we found resources we shared them. Educators from Penn State University and others helped to get us up to speed about what was happening and more and more landowners and professionals were helping each other to put all the little pieces together to gain an understanding of the Gasicanes. People from the Barnett play in Texas. People from Lousiana and Arkansas and West Virginia, and more recently Michigan and Ohio.

The results of landowners networking their little pieces of information is clear by requests for interviews by newspapers like The Wall St. Journal, American Assn of Petroleum Engineers and film media, all asking what we are doing to change how the leasing business is done.

Although we may expand resources, or services, our primary mission remains the same as from day one. To provide a place for landowners to share little pieces of the natural gas leasing and production puzzle, so the big picture can be clearly understood.

Our intention is to be here, for those who hear that knock on the door one quiet evening when the Gasicane makes it's presence known in their region. And as long as the world needs energy, it will.

I am in awe of so many of our community members who have, and are selflessly helping others to acquire the knowledge to make better decisions.

Ronald B Stamets, Admin